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Disassembly Service and Liquidation of Industrial Plants

GP-Industrieverwertung (Industrial Liquidation) is part of GP-Trading Service GmbH.
We furnish survey and appraisal reports and spare no effort to salvage the
property, plant, furnishings and equipment entrusted to us. We undertake the
entire liquidation of assets entrusted by banks, leasing companies, insolvency trustees, marshals and public institutions.

In order to preclude imminent loss, it may be necessary to safeguard the sites
under liquidation. As our daily experience shows, all machinery and equipment
of a bankrupt company must be safeguarded a.s.a.p. We specialize in
safeguarding measures.

GP-Industrieverwertung focuses on inventorying, assessment and the subsequent utilization of entrusted goods. Our experience encompasses the utilization of factories and chemical plants from the sectors of waste disposal,
metal and plastic processing, and the chemical industry..

In order to achieve the best deal we first of all search for the optimal marketing strategy and place. The fact that our location is near the frontiers to both
Germany and France (three-country-border-zone) helped us gain first-hand experience in tariff regulations which we will gladly make available to our

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – our legal department offers
advice in dubious situations even in the preliminary stages of a
business relationship.

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